A title in the form of a double wink obviously refers to the cinematographic work of Charlie Chaplin. But it also refers to the timelessness of the world of labor and its place in the collective unconsciousness.


The photographic art (black and white) with a high narrative reflects both documentary and report. This means that the reality of machining world has not changed much, despite the socio-economic improvements acquired by strokes of claims.

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With "Back To Modern Times", Ali Chraibi offers personal vision and aesthetic evident bias on the form and substance. He’s affirming the creative power of the photographer who only transforms the subject into an image.
The true "breathing" through the eyes meditates on the human condition, imposes a movement, a rhythm, a journey, a path, a powerful vision contrast and duality in everything.

This book reflects the Moroccan worker's conditions. You can see not only the conditions of life and labor of the working class, but you can also read the man/machine interface. There are very few images worldwide, and even fewer books dedicated to this very special environment, specifically the working class. Such images are very rare.

“ It is undoubtedly the most avant-garde of his peers. (...) Today he is part of the dream team of Moroccan fine art photographers. ”

Maria Daif, TEL QUEL


Born in 1965 in Marrakech, Morocco, Ali Chraibi began photography in 1995, after a brief introduction in the French Institute. Two years later he participated in his first photography exhibition in Marrakech. His work was immediately noticed and selected to exhibit at the first edition of the festival “Photo España” in Madrid, in 1998.
Since then he participated in many of exhibitions in Africa, Europe, North America and South America. He was specially selected for numerous biennials and festivals, such as the Biennial of Contemporary African Art in Dakar, which earned him the award of
“Au Sud du Sud ".
Furthermore, his work has been shown in many museums and art centers around the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, International Center of Photography in New York, Miami Art Central in Florida and many more.
Very often in black and white, sensitive and humanist, with modesty and humility,
his works always strive to highlight the core values.
Ali Chraibi photography has also been the subject of numerous publications.